September 4, 2011
NC State Releases 2011-2012 Roster!
July 31, 2011
NC State Hockey to play 2011-2012 Season at Cary Ice House!

February 20, 2011
NC State Wins ACCHL Championship 6-5 (OT) against University of Maryland

January 25, 2011
NC State Hockey Helps Blind Hockey Project!

Previous Game: Maryland
Final Score: NC State- 6 UMD- 5 (OT)

Next Game: UNC-CH
Cary Ice House, Cary NC

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2010-2011 ACCHL Champions!

NC State Hockey Releases 2011-2012 Roster

Congratulations to the following players! Full Bios to come soon!

2011-2012 Roster:
Alex Aud
Daniel Blue
Sean Blye
Matt Brailsford
Nick Christopoulos
Tyler Cloutier
Ryan Cornett
Harry Fryckburg
Jon Hires
Nick Kamaris
Sean Kudrick
Kriss Lans
Bryan MacLaren
Eric Michelich
Matt Morrison
Matt Oakley
Alex Okiwita
Mike Reisland
Nate Sprankle
Tom Stryker
Matt Valesko
Andy Walsh

NC State Hockey to play 2011-2012 Season at Cary Ice House

More information and a full season schedule coming soon!

NC State Wins ACCHL Championship against Maryland 6-5 in Overtime!

NC State Hockey ended the 2010-11 season with a bang! Capturing the ACCHL Championship over the University of Maryland 6-5 in Overtime. The Terps were heavily favored going into the game but the perseverance of the pack prevailed as they never led the game until they scored the game winner 3 minutes into the extra period. Bryan MacLaren was named Tournament MVP.

NC State Hockey Helps National Blind Hockey Project

the NHL All-Star Game right around the corner some NC State Hockey Players helped out with an unbelievable project. Mark DeMontis the founder of Courage Canada asked the NC State Hockey team for putting on a clinic at the Raleigh Winterfest Rink. Players Mike Reisland, Matthew Brailsford, George Barnes, Andy Walsh, Nick Christopolous, Tom Stryker, and Robert Ward had a great time helping students from the Morehead School for the Blind experience a day on the rink. Most had never stepped foot on ice but that made it even more impressive to see these students as they learned to skate and shoot. NC State University Textiles School teamed up with Demontis to design a new puck that would be easier for the visually impaired to play with. It was a great day Courage Canada which eventually hopes to become a Paralympic Sport. The NC State Hockey Program was honored to help out with the first blind hockey demonstration in the United States.

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Watch the Event here: http://www.wralsportsfan.com/nhlallstargame/video/9002453/#/vid9002453

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