Halko Debuts New Canes Road Jersey

(Raleigh, NC) - Last week a teaser dropped for the new Canes road Jersey. In Caniac nation not only was their rampant speculation about the jersey but just as much speculation on who the mystery player in the video was. With the reveal of the jersey the mystery player was revealed and it was none other than Icepack Defensemen Devin Halko. Icepack Online caught up with Halko about the experience.

Q: How did this come together?

Halko: The Hurricanes were looking for someone who played hockey and someone with a specific stature. My name happened to be in the mix from participating in the commercial last year, so I was selected to participate. I was actually the third choice. Pretty convenient the first two weren’t able to make it for the shoot.

Q: How hard was it to keep it a secret, especially once the speculation came out that it was Justin Williams?

H: It wasn’t too hard to keep it a secret since I didn’t have to keep it a secret for a long time. Keeping a secret for two and half weeks is far easier than two and a half months. Especially when having to sign NDA’s and other contracts, that definitely kept me honest as well. It was pretty funny when people speculated that Williams was actually the one in the commercial. It was a nice complement to be compared to a real Hurricanes player. It was funny to see the comparisons that people were drawing whether it was my size or the gear I was wearing. I also have to give the production team a lot of credit. They did a great job to make it feel like a real NHL player, specifically a Hurricane, had participated in the shoot.

Q: What does it mean to have a role in premiering a jersey that your father once played in so proudly?

H: It means a lot to me that I was asked to participate and be apart of something so special like the jersey reveal. This is probably the closest I will ever be to being in the NHL, so to take part in the reveal was really cool. Especially with it being my Dad’s former team and my favorite team growing up. I couldn’t be more fortunate with how the situation fell into my lap.

Q: How hard was it to play and skate normally with all the cameras and sound equipment on the ice?

H: It wasn’t very hard at all actually. The toughest part was playing in gear that hadn’t been broken in very much or gear I’d never worn before. Going back to the size factor in choosing me for the shoot, they made sure to have the right gear for me as well. It was difficult the first day with the shoot being on concrete flooring in a very hot warehouse in full gear for three hours. My feet hurt and I was really sweaty. You just have to make it work, though. It was worth it all in the end. The second day was far easier since I got to be on the ice. The production gear didn’t take up much space, so it was easy to move. The hardest part about the production equipment on the ice was trying not to break anything. Whether it is the lighting, cameras, or the smoke machine, it is state of the art gear. You don’t wanna be the guy to break it all. I was definitely making sure to keep the puck on the ice more than I do in a real game.

Q: Did you at least get a new jersey out of it?

H: I did not. I’ll have to get in contact with someone about that. All jokes aside though, the pictures and experience were just as rewarding for me as getting a jersey would have been. I was just happy to be there.

Q: Anything else worth telling?

H: Can’t wait to show everyone the new Icepack jerseys!

Take a look at Halko's big screen debut here!

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