Gameday: Icepack v. Tigers

The Icepack take on Clemson in this non-divisional matchup.

How to tune in: WKNC 88.1, with pregame beginning at 9:30PM.

The Icepack (9-5, 5-2 ACC) are looking to rebound from last nights comeback heartbreaker against Charlotte and defeat Clemson (7-9-1) in this rare D3 matchup. This game does not count towards points in the ACCHL standings, but will be a crucial game morale wise. Clemson recently beat UGA Hockey by a score of 7-6, so both teams will be on the second game of a tumultuous back to back.

The Scoop on Clemson:

Clemson’s season has been rather interesting. Racking up 9 losses in the fall semester, the Tigers have gone 2-0-1 in the past 3 games, 2 games in which 7+ goals were scored. Led by leading scorers Andrew Racicot and Chandler Paff, and strong goaltending from Liam McHugh, the Icepack will have some difficulty having solid opportunities to set up. Expect Clemson to be hungry to get their third win of the semester.

The Scoop on State:

State has gone 1-1 for the semester so far, after clinching a spot in the highly coveted ACCHL tournament back in November of 2017. After defeating Delaware 5-3, State took the week to prepare for the game against Charlotte, but no practice could have prepared the Pack for the puck luck that went Charlotte’s way. Ice will be a huge factor, as Sam Banasiewicz is now on a 3 game goalless streak. Still carrying his point streak, as he got an assist on Trevor Merchant’s third period goal last night. State wants to go home with at least one win; expect the pack to be resilient until the final buzzer.

The Lineup:

Coach Gazzillo has not confirmed the starting goaltender for tonight, and Ellis Rushford will be out of the lineup. Ian Schwartz and Alex Vedetta will be in the lineup for tonight. This is the latest lineup from the coaching staff, to give a general idea:

Sam Banasiewicz (C) Will Biberdorf Luis Gimenez (C)

Tyler Alfonzetti Ryan Kinney Trevor Merchant

Andrew Kristof Ryan Lenzmeier Haydn Dewey

Eric Webb Matt Costigan Eric Johnston

Ellis Rushford John Kokkelenberg

Cam Mazikowski Ian O'Rourke

Chris Wing Davis Hudson

? (Hall or Cannon)

? (Hall or Cannon)

For latest lineup and media updates, stay tuned on twitter with Zak @TheOfficialZMP, and for the live tweet play by play, @icepackgameday.

Keep an eye on:

Clemson: Chandler Paff. Another points leader for Clemson, but this isn’t the only reason he is Clemson’s player to watch: the Icepack have not found much success against tall, speedy, and lethal forwards. Towering at 6-2 and having 8+ goals on the season, expect State to be limiting any chance he may get.

State: Hayden Dewey. The third line winger has found his niche with the team, as he potted his 4th goal in 5 games last night, while being a consistent player without the puck. Hayden is a dark horse player and will fly under the radar, but expect the tigers to cover down low to eliminate any chance for Dewey to bang in a juicy rebound.


Banasiewicz now 3 games without a goal… Hall lost 1st game in his past 4 starts… State retains their Carolina Division lead, now has only 2 divisional games remaining…

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