Postgame: Hall, Mazikowski ground the Blue Hens

A full team effort leads to a 5-3 rout over the Delaware Blue Hens in the Icepack's first game of the semester.

This game was nothing but a wild roller coaster ride from start to finish. The entire team was at the forefront at arguably the strongest Icepack game of this season, as the club came back from a 1-0 deficit in the first and rattled off 5 goals to finish the game 5-3.

RJ LaSpina from the Hens struck first in the game and created adversity to what was arguably the best period from the Icepack this season so far. Going into the second, Luis Giminez had incredible positioning near the Delaware bench, tipping a badly aimed pass through center ice, found himself on a breakaway, and potted an unassisted goal. That didn’t stop the Pack, as Giminez drove the net and Eric Todd picked up the loose change to put the pack up 2-1.

Tempers flew high in the second period and seemed to stop time for everyone, including the loud and proud crowd members. Numerous penalties were taken from both teams and players were ejected, but a very interesting series of power plays followed. After a Delaware player suffered a minor penalty from tackling and holding Captain Sam Banasiewicz to the Ice, it was none other than Cam Mazikowski who slapped the biscuit into the basket on the power play to make it 3-1 midway through the second.

“There was a lot of people out in front,” said Cam Mazikowski, PackTV’s player of the game. “Puck just kinda kicked out, I aimed it far side… I’m happy to see it ended up where I aimed it.”

NC State finished the game with goals from defensemen Davis Hudson and forward Tyler Alfonzetti, who both found the back of the net in the third period. They also contributed to the special teams, which killed around 8/11 penalties and scored multiple power play goals. “It always seems like we need to work on the penalty kill,” said Icepack Coach Gazzillo, who’s team is now 9-4. “Tim [Healy] does a great job running the penalty kill… with so much going on, I just backed off and let him take the wheel… the guys worked hard.”

After all was said and done, Joey Hall had his best game of the season. Stopping over 30 shots, the backbone of the team stood the true test against the #7 ranked Delaware team. Both Coach Gazzillo and Cam Mazikowski had nothing but praise for his play.

“I thought Joey played an outstanding game,” said Gazzillo. “I definitely thought he stayed composed… it helped the team. Mazikowski agreed, saying that “It gives us a lot of confidence to know that he’s gonna bail you out, pretty much every time… Joey was the player of the game, at least for me and the other defenseman.”

The Icepack look to regroup and practice hard next week to prepare for the double header on the road, first against Charlotte (10-4-1) at 8:30PM, then against Clemson (6-9) at 9:45PM. Both games will be streamed live on WKNC 88.1, with pre-game reports starting 15 minutes before puck drop. The Icepack will play in Raleigh again against the Tar Heels on January 29th in the PNC Arena, at 7PM.

Notes: Sam Banasiewicz has 107 total career goals, but is now on a 2 game goal-less streak, still tallied multiple assists tonight to continue his point streak... Luis Giminez continues his goal streak tonight after his 1 goal performance... Eric Todd registered one of his first goals of the season.

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